Angle & Producer Upgrade

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Upgrades and additions to original package to include a multi-camera stream with human support. Includes:

  • Upgrade from shared remote producer to dedicated remote producer to focus solely on your wedding, handle tech support (before and during stream), assist with angles/sound and monitor your stream. 
  • Upgrade to two (2) camera angles from client-provided devices

Included in the original package:

  • Senior producer who oversees all weddings to help assist as needed
  • Full ceremony stream
  • Ability to include media in stream. Your producer will cut to photos, videos and/or playlists during your stream
  • Custom website to host on-demand style stream video player, live chat and virtual guest book. Site can be customized with header photo of couple.
  • Planning/tech rehearsal (15 minutes) week of wedding
  • Chat bot for guest FAQ
  • Downloadable keepsakes including a copy of the stream as it aired, a copy of the live chat and a copy of your virtual guest book delivered within 3 business days
  • On-demand video player of your wedding live stream