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LoveStream Plus

LoveStream Plus

  • Multiple camera angles to make remote guests feel like they have a front-row seat
  • 60 minutes of continuous stream time to capture every special moment of your ceremony and more
  • A dedicated remote producer in Charlotte, NC to switch between cameras (like a TV production) and troubleshoot
  • A customized website to host your live stream, with interactive features for guests
  • Live chat support for guests day-of
  • One-on-one planning call and tech rehearsal + email and chat support throughout planning process
  • Full live stream recording + edited social clips to keep after the wedding

Plus Package Reviews

What clients say about their live stream wedding experience.

Just wanted to say "THANK YOU!" for working with us and for your team's flexibility and support. We've had a lot of family and friends who weren't able to attend the wedding live tell us over these past few days how much they loved catching the ceremonies virtually-thank you for helping us to share our special day with them and for giving us a way to relive the ceremonies (we couldn't resist going in already and watching bits of the stream and reading the comments)!

Taryn & Jayaji

They were professional. Multi-camera set up was awesome. Great walkthrough and it worked great. Felt like we had a videographer there without the cost. Every person from the LoveStream team was so helpful and calming. That set them apart from the other services. Additionally, we were able to customize our own website and personalize it which was a nice touch.


Casey & Brittany

My husband and I were absolutely blown away by the customer service, professionalism, work ethic and quality of the stream during the wedding. We have been getting such positive feedback about the stream experience from our guests. One guest even said "the bar has been set very high for other couples streaming their wedding and getting married during this time." I would give this company 5,000 stars if I could.


Sarah & Luke

High quality video and audio.

This sweet moment was captured at Iowayna and Naomi's wedding.

The rich sound and crisp video is thanks to our Plus Rental Kit, which includes a studio-quality microphone and three sturdy tripods. 

Three camera angles.

The Plus Package includes 3 camera angles with real-time camera switching. Think of it like a live TV production. Your producer will decide which camera is streaming at which time. When the action moves, your producer will follow.

As you can see in Victoria & Stephen's gorgeous Bahamas wedding as the guests throw confetti (P.S., they also used our Plus Rental Kit!)

Add the Plus Rental Kit

The Plus Rental Kit includes shipping both ways.

This kit increases the quality of your stream with 3 heavy-duty tripods that come with secure phone holders. 

The kit also includes a ultra high-quality discreet clip-on microphone that plugs into your phone (don't worry iPhone users - we include the correct adapters). 

The clip-on mic attaches to a small transmitter worn (usually) by the officiant, which wirelessly feeds crisp audio directly into the streaming device. 

Your wedding website and live stream.

Customizable wedding website.

Choose all of the bells and whistles - or none of them. Your website is designed to reflect you. 

Live chat for guests.

Guests can mingle, send gifs and get excited for your wedding in the easy-to-use live chat.

Ready on demand. 

Guests click your link and they're in. No logging in or signing up. They can watch live or come back and watch later.

It's yours to keep.

Your wedding video is available immediately after it airs - plus, you'll receive a keepsake copy via email. 

The nitty gritty.

Want all the details of what is included in this wedding live stream package? Here's all the fine print for the Plus package. 

  • 3 camera angles from 3 devices (iPhones, Androids, tablets) that you supply
  • Up to 60 minutes of stream time - more time can be added after purchase if needed
  • Dedicated remote producer - this is the person on our team running your wedding. Not only do they switch between camera angles (like a TV production), but they also are there to troubleshoot any day-of challenges. 
  • Custom single-page website  to host your stream - includes live chat for guests, virtual guest book and more
  • Include banners and pre-recorded videos in your stream (think slideshows or toasts)
  • Live support for virtual guests - a person from LoveStream monitors the chat bot for questions
  • Planning call with a LoveStream specialist - we'll share best practices and create a detailed timeline for wedding day
  • Guided tech rehearsal - we will practice getting the devices connected and finalize the timeline for your remote producer to follow on the day of the event 
  • Access to weekly conference calls for planning and support - hop into our calls and ask any lingering questions or hear what other couples are asking

Why choose us as your wedding live stream team?

Full Service

We offer turnkey solutions to live stream your wedding. The only thing you need is a smartphone or other device.

Team of Producers

Every LoveStream is overseen by a team of producers who work together in our Charlotte office on wedding day.

Tech Support

We include tech support from day one. We help you run speed tests and ensure the highest-quality stream.

All your questions, answered. 

The best way to make your loved ones feel included. 

Find a few of our favorite moments from wedding live streams below. 

Neenu & Subin share personal vows
[Plus Package + Rental Kit]

Dave & Jacob joyfully say their I Do's
[Plus Package + Rental Kit]

Samantha & Andrew say goodbye to virtual guests
[Plus Package + Rental Kit] 

Ethan & Alyssa listen to the rabbi
[Plus Package + Rental Kit]

Romi & Jordan share a ceremonial cup of wine
[Plus Package + Rental Kit]

Complete your live stream experience with these extras. 

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