LoveStream Premium

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The best option for couples who want to stream their ceremony and all of the "big" reception moments, from the first dance to the cake cutting and everything in between. 

The Details: 

  • 4 camera angles
  • RENTALS INCLUDED: 4 tripods and 1 microphone set
  • 90 minutes of stream time + 60 minutes of down time
  • Dedicated virtual producer 
  • Upgraded custom website for stream
  • Live chat for virtual guest support
  • Personal tech rehearsal
  • Email & live chat support during planning
  • 1 planning call
  • Include media & banners in the stream
  • Custom slideshow creation
  • Virtual e-vite service
  • Upgraded virtual guest book

What It Means: 

  • You can have 4 client-provided devices in your stream for 4 unique camera angles.
  • 90 minutes of stream time that can be chunked into 45 minutes for the ceremony and 45 minutes for the reception, or 60 minutes for the ceremony and 30 minutes for the reception, with up to an hour break in-between.
  • Your remote producer will be fully dedicated to your event, and each producer is assigned to only one event at a time. They're all yours!
  • The producer will edit your event in real-time, switching between camera angles for the best viewing experience.
  • We'll create and send out your virtual invitations to your guest list, including a reminder email to RSVP and a day-of reminder. 
  • The upgraded website includes the live stream, virtual guest book and live chat where guests can interact. It also includes tabs for more of a "full website" experience.
  • We will schedule a planning call where we will discuss camera angles, best practices, timeline and more.
  • You will have a 45-minute tech rehearsal to practice getting into the stream, test audio, finalize the timeline and answer any outstanding questions
  • Email and live chat support to answer all streaming questions.

Rental period is 3 days. Shipping and return shipping to the contiguous 48 states is included in the package price.