Rentals + On-Site Assistance

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Everything you need for a full-service live stream. This add-on includes a professional on-site assistant, our Plus Rental Kit and 3 devices to stream from.

Package includes:

  • three (3) iPhones
  • three (3) heavy-duty tripods
  • three (3) phone or tablet adapters 
  • one (1) broadcast-quality wireless clip-on mic kit
  • setup instructions (including video tutorial)
  • packing checklist
  • return shipping label
  • on-site assistant to handle set up and serve as point of contact on-site during stream

3-day rental period. Cost includes shipping both ways (within the 48 contiguous states). Confirm availability for your weekend by booking a meeting hereShipping outside of the US and longer rental periods are available for an additional fee. Inquire for more information.

Book a complimentary consultation with our team to discuss on-site assistance and confirm availability for your live stream wedding.